Managing Project Risks and Changes
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Managing Project Risks and Changes
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About Course 

This course will help you manage project risk effectively by identifying, analyzing, and communicating inevitable changes to project scope and objectives. You will understand and practice the elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule, and cost performance. You will be equipped with the tools to manage change in the least disruptive way possible for your team and other project stakeholders.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Define components of a communications management plan
2. Understand the importance of communications channels
3. Define the key elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule, and cost performance
4. Identify project risk events
5. Prioritize identified risks
6. Develop responses for a high priority risk
7. Identify and analyze changes to project scope
8. Describe causes and effects of project changes
9. Define the purpose of conducting a lessons learned session

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