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#1 “”My mission is to make you a world-class expert Go developer””
#2 They say that I’ve a natural ability to simplify complex topics without dumbing them down.
#3 I believe doing is more important than passively watching. That’s why my course includes hundreds of hands-on exercises with full solutions. You’ll actively learn rather just watch.
If you sign-up to my course, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’ll save you from going through endless books and outdated online tutorials. You’ll get your coffee and watch my course and at the end you’ll be a professional Go programmer.
My name is Inanc and I’ve 20+ years of programming and mentoring experience.
I’m a professional instructor, mentor and the author of the popular Go blog (Learn Go Programming) with thousands of followers.
As a professional instructor and mentor, I helped hundreds of people to become a paid developer. My students are working at companies like Google, Uber, and so on. I’m also one of the top Go mentors on Codementor.
For the last years, I created visual tutorial series about Go programming and it has became one of the most popular places for developers who want to learn Go.
My students asked me to build a course about Go, and now I’m here.
So, sign up to my course now and be a professional Go programmer. See you in the course!


Go (Golang): The Complete Bootcamp
Has 1000+ hands-on exercises
Ratings: Highest rated (>4.5/5 from at least 500 people)
Difficulty: Beginner
Deadlines: Self-paced
Paid Course - One time Payment
Price: $ 10
Pricing frequency: /one time payment

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