Vincent van der Leun
Vincent van der Leun

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Vincent van der Leun is a software engineer and educator from the Netherlands.

Vincent has been programming since the age of 8 and has worked with many different languages and platforms over the years. Rediscovering Java a few years ago, he loved it so much that he became an Oracle Certified Professional, Java 7 Programmer, and started the JVM Fanboy blog. Currently he works for CloudSuite, a company specializing in modern ecommerce solutions. At CloudSuite he works on various backend systems and web services, writes JavaScript code for frontend applications, supports consultants by providing complex SQL queries, and consumes coffee while having design-related discussions with fellow developers.


Learning JVM Languages: JVM, Java, Scala
Short course covering Java, JVM and Scala
Ratings: Not yet rated
Difficulty: Intermediate
Deadlines: Self-paced
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Price: $ 29
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